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Algebra Tiles


Unlock the key to effective math teaching with our workshop on Quantity, Place Value, Multiplicative Thinking, and Partitioning. Explore learning sequences and connections between these crucial concepts through hands-on games and activities.

Unpack the four key number ideas: Place Value, Multiplicative Thinking, Partitioning, and Algebraic Reasoning in our workshop. Examine the learning sequences involved in teaching these concepts through games, activities, and examples.

This workshop focuses on the conceptual teaching of algebra using algebra tiles. Teachers will participate in activities using the tiles to explore mathematical problems, promoting interactive learning. A key focus will be on algebraic concepts and how to teach them using the tiles.


CRA Approach






Problem Solving


This workshop focusing on the Concrete, Abstract and Representational (CRA) approach to teaching mathematics and provides a hands-on, and conceptual learning experience for teachers. The CRA model is a teaching approach emphasising the connection between physical manipulatives, visual representations, and abstract symbols and concepts. This practical workshop will provide a conceptual understanding of the CRA model and its application in the classroom.

NAPLAN questions are designed to assess a student’s ability to understand, analyse, and apply their numerical knowledge. They are great questions and, in this workshop, I will provide the strategies and hands-on tools to use them to tease out misconceptions and better understand your students. We will look at strategies to introduce them into your class routines. This is a program designed to not only improve NAPLAN results but provide individual student data.

This workshop provides teacher with strategies to solve the problem of problem solving. Introducing problem-solving strategies into the classroom using closed, open-middle and open-ended questions. We will look at some working definitions of problem-solving and how to foster and encourage it in students as well as how to differentiate and assess problem solving tasks




This workshop delves in to the importance of conceptual understanding of mathematics and how it can lead to a long term retention of concepts. You'll learn practical strategies for designing lessons that encourage student engagement with a focus on hands on activities and real-world applications.

Big Ideas In Number


Big Ideas In Number

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